1. I haven’t had beer or any alcohol, since March. How long can I last? Hmm

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  2. Would wear it if it came in black.

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  3. "I’m really afraid to feel happy because it never lasts."
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  4. Lonely.

    I need a cuddle buddy..


  6. I have 3 days off left from my paid time off. Tonight, Friday and Saturday. Anyone wanna hangout with me? Coffee/Tea? Breakfast, lunch, dinner? A date? lol Anything? I’m desperate to do something.

  7. I’m gonna recreate this photo one of these days. Just because.

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  8. You deserve a nice boy who texts you back and buys you tacos and doesn’t kiss other girls behind your back and who makes you laugh and thinks you’re funny.

    I’m not saying this is me, but I’m just saying.

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  9. 6:30a

    Been up all night til right now for no good reason. So now I’m just watching Youtube videos and eating goldfish crackers…


  12. …and a lonely night again.


  13. "If I met you in real life…" finish it in my ask.

    This usually never works, but ill give it another try. Anyone wanna finish it?

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  14. "I wanna be your “1am I can’t sleep” text"
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